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This is my first blog and first ever post! With it, I plan to share and enthuse about all things knitting, crochet, and lots of other things that inspire and make me happy.

So let me begin by telling you a little about my yarny background…

I first began to knit as a child, as most of us do, by our grandmothers’ side, knitting a very wiggly, holey, but well-intentioned, square.. after that I never really stuck with it throughout my teenage years other than the occasional contribution to a family blanket made of lots of squares. My mum and older sister’s squares were, by contrast, very neat, even and came in lots of different variations of knitting, purling, ribbing and cabling, whereas mine didn’t progress much beyond simple knitting and the occasional purling.. Suffice to say I wasn’t very inspired by knitting and couldn’t see it’s potential beyond the limits of a simple square.

That was until I went to university where I decided at the Fresher’s Fair that I’d give it another try… Intrigued by a student sat knitting something with the biggest needles and biggest ball of yarn I’d ever seen, I signed up to Edinburgh University’s Knitting Society. And so after the first session at a local pub with like-minded individuals and a bowl of chips, the basic knit and purl stitches came back to me quite naturally and so I was feeling quite pleased with myself. However, it took a little while longer to overcome the frustrations of how to correct my mistakes whenever I dropped a stitch or did something entirely unexplainable to my project, having to wait until the next Monday session to get my lovely, and very capable friend, to help me out every time it happened, which made progress on my chunky knit scarf very slow… and very boring…

Eventually, after a few skype knitting-sessions with my mum and after slowly understanding how my friend was correcting the mistakes I’d made, I began to learn how to get out of these yarn-related pickles myself. I soon grew so bored of the scarf-that-was-taking-far-longer-than-it-should-have and moved to something new. I decided to give a small heart decoration a go. I was so pleased with myself for making something without any help from my mum or my friend that for the first time I felt that this was something that I could do. After that, I think every new uni friend got a heart decoration for their birthday that year whether they wanted one or not, I felt unstoppable…

I’ve come quite a long way since then but I am definitely no expert and am always keen to learn more about knitting. The following summer after first year I was taught to crochet by one of my mum’s friends and instantly fell in love with it! It just GREW so much quicker than knitting and the possibilities with it seemed endless and, more importantly, far more achievable than some knitted things…

By fourth year I was President of the knitting society and thoroughly enjoyed teaching new members the knitting and crochet basics and seeing them grow in confidence with it like I had. As well as the beginners, the society was a place where the more advanced knitters and crocheters could come together once a week to talk and show off our latest projects. My experience with the society, and the sheer wealth of knitting and crochet blogs, magazines and pinterest posts out there in the world, has taught me that there is a such a huge interest and engagement with making things by hand nowadays that it is not to be underestimated or sniffed at. It’s a really wonderful thing to be a part of.

Since graduating last summer, it’s been my intention to start a blog to become a part of the vast online community of knitters, crocheters, and all the other fantastic creatives out there, who inspire us to create. Having a creative outlet throughout uni has been very important to me especially as times got tough. Whether it was homesickness, essay or exam stress, knitting and crochet helped me hugely and gave me a strong sense of satisfaction and pride when I completed a project. It helped me to unwind and provided a welcome distraction to all the overrated worries of student life.

Who knew that a humble ball of yarn with a pair of needles or a hook could be such a life-changer!


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