Exciting times ahead for Yarny Grainney!

Hello, Friends!

Lots of lovely things have happened recently. Things involving new spaces, places and ideas that are taking my yarny endeavours to new heights. My head feels fit to burst with all the crochet-related ideas I want to take out into the big wide world! This past weekend has been particularly productive in terms of developing new patterns and creations that I am very excited to soon share with the world either as downloadable patterns or as local workshops on the Isle of Man! Keep a look out!

Patterns by yarny grainney

Look out for Yarny Grainney patterns available to download in the not-so-far-off future!

I have a few fairs coming up in the Summertime that are particularly close to my heart. Firstly, I’m very chuffed to be holding a stall at the Tynwald Day fair, 5th July, selling my yarny goods and offering a drop-in, free, ‘learn to crochet’ workshop for both big and little passers-by who are interested in learning the basics of crochet for 15 minutes of their day. Who knows, perhaps it will inspire some of them to take it further..? Anything to spread the love for handmade yarny things! For any non-Manxies let me explain… Our Tynwald Day is a pretty big deal as it is our national day in which we celebrate our Manxness and where the oldest continuous parliament in the world has convened and read out new laws since the days of the Vikings. It’s been tradition for many years to wander about the huge fair field on a (hopefully) sunny day, browsing the wares of many a stall and generally having a jolly time, usually with a Manx flag painted on one cheek (or is that just me…?). Anyway, it is a very exciting prospect and I’m thrilled to be able to take part in this way.

Secondly, I’ve been asked to hold a stall at the Yn Chruinnaght (pronounced un chrun-nyacht) Craft Fair which is a fundraising event for our own Inter-Celtic Music festival that has been held annually on the iom since I can remember. My parents took us every year and we’ve all, more often than not, been involved in someway as either as musicians, dancers and organisers. It’s very important for us here to showcase our traditions and celebrate the traditions of our Celtic neighbours so I’m incredibly grateful to be involved. The fair itself is always full of familiar faces too, showcasing all the wonderful local handmade talent. Crochet hooks at the ready, it’s not that long until July!

cotton obsession

My 100% cotton yarn collection is ever growing. So much potential… so little time…

Aside from my busy July plans, I am very excited to announce that plans for my crochet workshops are well under way! I was approached before Christmas by a lovely lady who spotted me at my very first fair and who believed in my potential enough to ask if I’d be willing to teach workshops at a new Artist and Crafters’ venue she was setting up in the beautiful Sulby Glen in the IoM. Though flattered and extremely grateful for the opportunity, I admit that I was quite nervous at the prospect to begin with.  As the President of the Knitting Society in my final year, I regularly taught new beginners the basics of knitting, and very occasionally crochet (having to contain my squeaks of excitement at the prospect of a potential crochet enthusiast), but that always tended to be on a one-on-one basis, occasionally two, in a very laid-back university society setting. This, however, will be new territory for me but I am nonetheless very excited about it as I think, as scary as it is, it’s always good to tread outside your comfort zone every now and again, ’tis good for the soul. And anyway, the projects that I plan to teach alone are enough to get me excited to meet, teach, and share with new crocheters! (Look out for a post in the nearish-future showcasing my workshop plans!)

workshops coming soon by camera

Beginners’ Crochet workshops will be held in the beautiful setting of Sulby Glen in the Isle of Man.

Some new yarn has arrived in the post recently from a company called Tek Tek which specialises in t-shirt yarn, which I am VERY excited to experiment with for my Beginners Crochet Classes! Look at the beautifully striking colours! This will be the first time I’ve used t-shirt yarn and I’m very very excited to make and create new things with it (can you tell?)… a post about how my experiments manifest themselves will appear soon.

tek tek yarn

Tek Tek t-shirt yarn just itching to be made into something stunning! Can’t wait to get stuck into it with my hook!

As well as the Tek Tek I ordered some more Drops Muskat 100% cotton that I must say is an absolute DELIGHT to work with! We stock this at the beautiful Sweet Ginger Emporium where I work (find them on facebook by searching sweetgingeremporium, it’s well worth it!) so after having a go I knew I needed more, MUCH more! I have very special plans for this yarn, it features prominently in my new ‘Tea Party’ collection that I am currently working on and as it has been so lovely to work with I am thinking that it would feature quite nicely in the ‘learn to crochet’ bundles for beginners too!

Cotton and hooks


Current yarn obsession: Drops Muskat 100% cotton available in so many beautiful colours, I just love it!


As well as working on my workshops, I’m also developing the afore mentioned ‘learn to crochet’ bundles to sell alongside my workshops, at various venues and the above mentioned fairs. They will contain all the supplies and pattern instructions new crocheters will need to set them off on their yarny journeys!

As if all that wasn’t enough to keep my fingers busy with hook and yarn, I have plans to open up my own etsy shop for any non-Manxies interested in my makes and my patterns, more details about that soon!

I hope you’re all feeling just as inspired this April? I’m very much looking forward to what the next few months will bring!

May your minds too be ever filled with wonder and hope for the future,

YG x


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