Me Made May 2016!


After seeing some of my favourite bloggers and Instagram-ers post their Me Made May makes every year, I’ve decided to no longer be the appreciative spectator but instead say yes! and join in myself with ‘Me Made May 2016’! This worldwide challenge has been successfully running for 6 years now and has been a welcome dose of crafty inspiration on my social media feeds for the past couple of years.

What is it?

Me Made May is a completely personal challenge that encourages us crafty types (and anyone else for that matter) to wear and showcase our hand-sewn/knitted/crocheted/upcycled/refashioned garments throughout the month of May. Some may choose to challenge themselves to wear something handmade every single day of May, some twice a week, or just every weekend. Whatever the challenge, it is a celebration of the handmade things that you or a loved one has made you as well as a chance to bring out some those makes that have not seen the light of day for sometime.

How do I do it?

If you have countless handmade garments just itching to be worn then hats off to you, well done! 🙂 However, if that is not strictly the case, *ehem* like for me, then fear not, there are plenty of other ways to be involved in this challenge. According to the rules there is no need to panic-make anything especially to showcase, this is a stress-free zone where we are celebrating our handmade makes no matter how many or how few garments you have to your name. Remember: It is in no way a competition. For example, it can be a chance to address some of those UFOs (unfinished objects) that you’ve been meaning to do something about… Or, as in my case, I think that MMMay 16 will be THE kick-up-the-bum I needed to finally give dressmaking a serious go! Each pledge made for MMMay is totally personal as it is meant to be a challenge for YOU. So, for some wearing a different handmade garment every day of May will be achievable and for others just one a week, it doesn’t matter its just about getting involved and sharing. For instance, I do not have 31 handmade garments to wear, much to my shame… Instead I’ve come up with my own challenges/goals that I hope to achieve by the end of the month which will still celebrate and uphold the philosophy of wearing handmade.

For this year’s MMMay 2016 I, Yarny Grainney, pledge…

  1. To wear a hand-sewn/knitted/crocheted/upcycled/refashioned garment at least twice a week throughout May.
  2. Upcycle 3 secondhand finds before 31st May.
  3. Finally give dressmaking a go and proudly wear my handsewn make before the 31st May!

There are many ways to share your MMMay 16 makes. You’ll be able to see my makes on here and on my Instagram (@grainneylikenarnia) where I’ll be using the hashtag #MMMay16

If you want to know how to sign up, how to pledge, and where to share then find out more from the organisers themselves by heading over to the So, Zo Blog. (Clicking on the button on the right hand sidebar will take you straight there too!)

Very much looking forward to May now! Are you going to get involved?

YG x



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