MMMay16 Inspiration: Pinafore Dress

Apologies yarn-enthusiasts, for this is a post primarily about dressmaking (or at least my desire to one day be good at it…)!

In my last post I talked about wanting to participate in the Me Made May 2016 challenge and one of my goals was to make something hand-sewn by the 31st May. With this goal in mind I have a very particular make that I wish to complete and am loving the kick-up-the-bum that MMMay16 will give me in achieving this!

I’m not strictly a dressmaking novice, (well, I am) and neither am I at all a prodigy, but I have made a couple of simple elasticated skirts in my time, (which I’ll proudly be showcasing in May!) however, what I really want to make is quite a lot more challenging… (for me anyway). It comes from a love of my absolute favourite black pinafore dress which I wear with practically everything and so would absolutely love to make more versions of this classic garment in various colours and styles.

I work in Sweet Ginger Emporium in the Isle of Man, a sewing/knitting and general crafty supplies shop which is also a fantastic hub for meeting like-minded crafty enthusiasts. With this in mind, it was in the shop a few weeks ago that I got chatting to a very lovely mother-and-daughter duo about handmade clothes. After enthusing about this, that, and the other we got onto the topic of pinafore dresses which then led to them coming in again to lend me a genuine vintage simplicity pinafore dress pattern from 1976! (Quite possibly my two favourite things right there: pinafore dresses and the 1970s)! Anyway, I’m determined to give this a go now more than ever and what better excuse than this MMMay16 malarky?

1976 pinafore pattern.jpg

1976 vintage simplicity

And so, full of fresh determination and inspiration, I headed over to Pinterest to bolster this determination and help me see my MMMay16 pledge through. Pinterest has been my friend for many years, it’s such a useful tool for when you need to get your ideas together in one place for your next project or adventure. (If you are interested in seeing my boards click here). As always, I had an absolute blast looking for related-pins so I thought I’d share the ones that made the shortlist of ‘absolutely swoon-worthy’.

Pinafore inspiration 3

  1. This is probably the most similar to my trusty black pinafore. It has a loose and unfitted shape so very comfortable for everyday adventures. I particularly like the statement heart pockets! Source: Blue Chambray Heart Pinafore, Nylon Shop

Pinafore inspiration 5

2. I am loving the bunny rabbit motif on this yellow pinafore dress, perhaps it could be something to incorporate into/onto a pocket, hmmm the possibilities…? Source: Boden USA

Pinafore inspiration 2

3. The scalloped hem on this one is so dreamy, this would definitely finish any pinafore dress nicely. Source: unknown

Pinafore inspiration 4

4. What I love about this pinafore dress are the box-pleats at the front which give it an added structure. I’m particularly keen to master this skill, then no garment shall be spared in my box-pleat regime! Source: Vogue, Carven Resort 2012

Pinafor inspiration 1

5. And just to get my yarn-fix, how adorable is this knitted pinafore dress! I realise that it may be a little bit too small for the likes of me but I can dream… or certainly try and adapt it to more of a me-sized thing. Source: saved from

One day, I’ll be able to boast a wardrobe full of pretty handsewn pinafores with all the lovely features I adore from the images above. For now, I will be happy as can be if I can successfully make just one that I’ll feel proud to wear out and about!

I hope that you’re all equally excited for MMMay16 as me? For now though, happy weekend!

YG x



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