Crochet Workshops by Yarny Grainney!

flower garland header photo

So they are finally here!

After a very long time in the making (January…) and after a wonderful response from a Facebook post about three weeks ago! I’m finally able to reveal the dates and classes I’ll be offering my fellow Manxies to help bring about a new wave of crocheters!

I’m really excited to teach, I’ve not done it since leaving uni and it was one of the most rewarding aspects of the Knitting Society – to see how far people grew from beginner to savvy knitter/hooker – so it’s really good to be able to get back into it!

The classes have been designed as a short-course for absolute beginners or for those who tried crochet years ago but never went much further than a granny square! So instead of teaching a one off beginner’s class and then sending them on their crochet journey all alone, never to be seen again, there will be two more follow-up classes gradually introducing new techniques. The classes will be spaced a month apart, not only to spread the cost, but also to give new crocheters a chance to really process what they learnt in each class and practice those newly acquired skills as much or as little as they choose between classes.

I’m also hoping to encourage crocheters who’ve been to my workshops to share their pictures on social media using the hashtag #yarnygrainneyworkshops
I really like the idea of using a hashtag, it’s so helpful to find something or to keep in touch with a community of like-minded individuals. So for my workshops I wanted to make a hashtag for these reasons:

1. to create a community that supports and motivates each other during that sometimes frustrating ‘beginner stage’ of being a crocheter

2. to make it easier to find and show appreciation for everyone’s Yarny Grainney makes

One thing that I want to make clear is that prospective crocheters are under no obligation to sign up to every class, though for beginners this is highly recommended in order to offer the most support and course-like structure as possible. However, even if you’re not a complete beginner, the two follow-up classes come under the Craft Yarn Council’s standards of difficulty as Easy, so if you’re just a bit rusty or keen to do something other than a granny square (don’t get me wrong they are great but a tad overdone in the crochet world) then these workshops have been created with that in mind too and can be booked as stand alone classes.

So without further ado, I present the three projects I’ve developed for my crochet workshops!

Workshop 1: Crochet Coasters – Beginner

Workshop 2: Crochet Flower Garland – Easy

Workshop 3: Tea Towel Edging – Intermediate

To read a full description of each difficulty click here

Crochet Coasters

crochet coasters

For my absolute beginner classes I’ll be teaching how to make this simple crochet coaster with the opportunity of adding a contrast edging for those really savvy hookers!



The contract colour edging offers crocheters the chance to personalise their makes. I am loving this summery combination of colours, it makes me very excited to start being able to have my cup of tea in the garden once it gets warmer!


Since you can’t have too many coasters about the house, new-crocheters can make as many as they like between classes!

Crochet Flower Garland

Crochet flower 1IMG_0648

I’m really looking forward to teaching this one in June! I absolutely loved developing these, they were so much fun to design and choose the colours for. Also extremely satisfying to make a load whilst watching Pride and Prejudice, then simply string them up with rustic twine, easy peasy!. They’d brighten any room/mantelpiece/wall/garden 🙂

Crochet edging

napkin edgingCrochet edging

This is a project that I think is just really pretty to do. Though I’ve only shown you a scalloped or shell edge (very fitting for the Isle of Man!) there are SO many possibilities with crochet edging! I’ll put up more examples of fancy edges once I get round to them! I’ve got until July at least…

For the workshop we’ll be edging tea towels as I’m not sure who uses cotton hankies anymore, but I found a bunch of these during one of my charity shop excursions for a very nice price and they were perfect for experimenting.

I’m so pleased to see the finished results of these workshop projects as they’ve taken A LOT of time, energy, and cups of tea to make into a reality. I’m very excited to reveal the workshop posters on my facebook page too! (I must take a quick minute here to thank my wonderful boyfriend for very patiently teaching me the wonderful ways of photoshop!)

If you are in the Isle of Man between May and July and are interested in coming along to a workshop then find out all you need to know on my facebook page.

If you aren’t, but quite fancy giving one of my projects a go, then I’ll be releasing downloadable patterns for each make in the nearish future. 🙂

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

YG x



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