Bundles of Crochet Joy


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rainbow bundles

Hello! I’ve not posted for a while because I’ve been away in the lovely Sweden enjoying much food and sunshine (check out my instagram). It was a truly great little break and I’ll miss it but it’s good to get home and back into the usual swing of things again.

This weekend is my first professional/I’m-an-adult-now crochet workshop and I’m really excited! As well as teaching how to make beginner’s crochet coasters (read more about that post here) I’ve been developing small bundles of the same make, designed for the crochet-novice to buy and have a go at at their leisure. They include a lovely hook and ball of natural coloured cotton yarn to create their own coasters with their own choice of three colours to add in. I thought that choosing the coloured edging was such a personal thing that I decided it was easier, (and more fun) to let people pick the three that appealed to them most themselves. And on top of that, all of this comes in a really cute little bag perfect for storing and carrying your project around on-the-go!

I had a lot of fun designing this bundle and choosing the yarns. It was such a joy to work with 100% cotton, particularly the Drops Muskat range, that I knew immediately that I needed to include it in the beginner bundles.

The bundle also includes illustrated how-to-crochet basics as well as the pattern, care instructions and how to block the coasters. I’m excited to see how they go down. For those attending the workshop or buying the bundle I’ve included the hashtag #yarnygrainneyworkshops for twitter and instagram so that I can check out the finished makes, I can’t wait!

I’m determined to get my etsy shop up and running by the summer which will feature all my workshop patterns to buy and download as well as other makes and patterns of my own creation so watch out for those! If you’d like a reminder of my workshop projects see my previous post or click here.

Other than that, I hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

YG x


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