Autumn, how I love you.


One of the most iconic features of this beautiful season: falling leaves in red, amber and gold. What better way to spend an afternoon than crocheting up these into a garland or wreath.


Hello, folks!

I have had a whirlwind of a summer that involved MUCH crocheting, fairs, commissions, and more crocheting. Phew!

I got so caught up in all the crochet-related happenings that blogging sadly had to be set aside as I struggled to juggle everything at once. There was simply not enough days in the week… and suddenly it was September! But now I am back again, and just in time for Autumn, woohoo!

I enjoy all the seasons and it’s a huge part of my work as I tend to theme my collections based on the time of year. But without a doubt, Autumn into Winter is my absolute favourite time of year. It might have something to do with the fact that this time of year means Hop Tu Naa*, Bonfire Night, the lead up to Christmas, my birthday, Christmas itself and New Year. There is something very magical about this time of year, the festivities, changing colours, foraging berries for jam, wrapping yourself up in infinite layers of woolen things, and the colder nights that mean snuggling up with warm drinks and duvets are an absolute must!

*In case you had to stop and say to yourself Hop Tu-what?! Hop Tu Naa is the old Celtic New Year which tended to fall on 31st Oct (similar to Scottish Hogmanay before it got moved to 31st Dec). It’s very similar to today’s Halloween in that you dress up to scare away the evil spirits but with a few key differences. We carve turnips rather than pumpkins and sing Manx songs at doors for our sweeties instead of ‘trick or treating’.

Anyway, because so many of my makes tend to be inspired by the seasons it is no surprise that in summer I was mostly whipping up watermelons, ice-creams, rainbows and the like… (all of which was documented on my instagram feed @grainneylikenarnia). But now Autumn is in full swing and I can really go to town with making all that I love about this season in crochet (and miniature) form!



My 2D mountains which I strung up into a cute little garland!

Currently I’m developing a mini crochet mountain pattern. It’s been a work in progress for a long time having made-up many versions, including my first 3D knitted version around this time last year, (wondering if anyone else shared my obsession with them!), to making 2D crochet mountain garlands this summer. After putting up a picture on instagram (above) I was relieved that I wasn’t the only one who loved them after all and so I’m currently developing a 3D amigurumi version that I hope to share on here soon!

As well as mountains, I’m very much looking forward to crocheting my toadstools, acorns, leaves (pictured above), woodland creatures and whatever else feels inherently Autumnal. And lets not forget the Hop Tu Naa/Halloween makes! (Look out for a feature on that in October.) Do you also like to crochet things depending on the seasons? What are your must make projects this Autumn?

Hope you all have a lovely Autumnal weekend!

Grainney (like narnia) x




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