Phases of the Moon Garland

Moon garland 3

It’s October and my crochet to do list is ever growing! But, despite all that, this is something that I’ve been wanting to create for quite some time. I’m pretty obsessed with the moon & stars and since the nights have been getting darker it seemed very fitting to get it made. Around this time last year I got up at 3am, to watch the eclipse (madness I know!) but despite the sheer horrendousness of waking up not long after getting into a deep deep sleep, I found it so magical and was really glad I went. We are really lucky on the Isle of Man when it comes to star gazing (and moon gazing), there are very few areas that are so light polluted that you can’t get a clear view. In fact, I’m very proud to say that we have been named one of the best Dark Skies areas in Britain. We have a lot of countryside so it’s really easy to see the night sky very clearly and we often see the Milky Way right above our house on a cloudless night.

Moon Garland 5

Aside from all the physical inspiration behind the garland, it’s also soon approaching Hop Tu Naa (for those who aren’t familiar with this I explained more about what it is in my previous post here). And my party theme this year is going to be all things Pagan. It means different things to different people but my interpretation of it is going to be very celestial. This garland is so far the first thing I’ve made for the party and won’t be the last (including my costume)! I went slightly mad pinning away potential party decoration ideas so on top my massive to-do list I’ll be trying to tick off as many things from that board as possible. Wish me luck! And look out for party posts later in the month.

What are you making this October? I’d love to know! Happy Monday, folks!

Love, Grainney

(rhymes with Narnia) x




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