A Walk in the Woods


Did I mention how much I love autumn? On Sunday, David and I went to Glen Helen on the Isle of Man which is a favourite of ours at this time of year and it certainly did not disappoint!

It’s so great to know you’re never far from huge redwoods, trickling waterfalls, every colour of leaf you can imagine, and lots of wee little mushrooms sprouting around all over the place. It was great to just forage around the forest floor for all the fallen leaves, pinecones, conkers and other magical bits and pieces. Sundays can often feel a little apathetic, which can sometimes be a good thing when you need to just veg out in front of a screen, but when Sundays leave you feeling like you’ve not achieved very much, you can end up feeling a bit empty and that you’ve wasted your last day of freedom before the working week begins again. Antidote: Autumnal walks. It’s such an easy way to feel inspired and happy. (So happy that you are compelled to create an autumnal collage of forest finds arranged in colour order of course… who doesn’t do that…)

Anyway, the real agenda behind the trip was to collect materials to make decorations for my pagan party at the end of this month (more about that in my previous post here) which I’ll share on here as and when they’re made. But I couldn’t resist picking up all these foresty bits along the way. I’m not sure what to do with them other than make pretty arrangements. Any suggestions about how to make them into cool decorations?


Hope you’ve also been making the most of Autumn? Have a lovely week.

Love, Grainney

(rhymes with narnia) x


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