Autumn Wreath

Autumn Wreath

So I’ve finally finally made an Autumnal wreath. Yay! It’s something which appears on my to-do list every single year around the end of summer/beginning of Autumn and I just never get around to it (especially as the pressure to make for that Mid-Winter festival we all know and love starts to creep in). It’s sounds silly to say but being half-way through October I should really be well on my way with making my Winter collection for fairs but the truth is that I just can’t help but cling onto Autumnal things well into October and occupy myself with October/Autumnal/Hop-Tu-Naa inspired projects. This might be the reason why I can never get everything done, hmm…

I took a lot of inspiration for my wreath from a Harvest Festival garland/wreath project I saw in Simply Crochet issue 49. I used the sycamore leaf and pinecone patterns from the project but the smaller leaves and acorns are my own. My wreath is also a lot smaller in size and I’ve used my own arrangement and colour choices for it. I used a wire wreath from Sweet Ginger Emporium in Ramsey, IOM, and wrapped polyester wadding around it to create a nice padded bit that I could pin and sew the leaves onto. Those cute wee toadstools are from Sweet Ginger too, I thought they added a nice pop to it. The stag and bird ornaments are my own and are not attached to the final piece but I thought they looked so peachy in there whilst I was photographing it!


I made this wreath partly to show what you can do with small 2D and 3D makes other than just garlands. I have made a lot of garlands in my time and there are only so many you can hang up or try to push onto others. I thought this was a nice alternative. I’m excited to try making some Winter-inspired ones in time for my next fair in November!

Have you made any autumnal wreaths? I’d love to know if anyone does it other than just at Christmas?

Hope you’re all having a lovely Friday!

Love, Gráinne

(rhymes with Narnia) x


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