December ‘Kitschmas’ Wreath: DIY!


finished-wreath-2Hello! Hello!

Yes… it’s been an awfully long while, and yes it’s only 4 days until Christmas, but here I am just in the nick of time to see Christmas in with a lovely and quick little DIY for you! 

I am quite obsessed with all things ‘kitschmas’, as too am I obsessed with all things miniature, Christmassy, alpine-y, pom pom-y, and starry, so this DIY has genuinely ticked A LOT of boxes for me. You can make this one pictured above or go off-piste and create your own version. (Ooh I’d love to make a ski-inspired one now…) There really are no limits! So pop on the Christmas tunes, have a few mince pies to hand and enjoy! X


You will need:

Wire wreath – I got mine from Sweet Ginger Emporium on the Isle of Man but they can be found quite easily from craft shops and florists. 

Polyester wadding in one long strip or several small strips measuring approximately as wide as your hand (as you can tell it is a very exact science here at Yarny Gráinne HQ…)

One safety pin – sewing is also an option here if you are less lazy than I. 

Glue gun – this is optional but recommended if you don’t have a lot of time to sew. If you love hand sewing and have ample time, go ahead!

Gold thread – to sew the stars (glue gun would have made too much of a mess here).

Pom pom makers – use any method you like to make the poms but I think the little contraptions pictured in the post are absolutely magic!

A selection of yarns in off-white to cover your wreath and make pom poms – the more variety in texture and weight the better. I have gone for Drops yarns in Eskimo, Alpaca Boucle, Karisma and Air. 

Scissors and sewing needles.

Small and kitsch little wintry figurines. These chaps that are featured in my post were all found at a sugar craft shop as cake toppers.

Wintry bits and bobs to add – wooden snowflakes, bells, sequin stars, buttons, etc. etc. whatever takes your fancy!


Pom Pom makers by Clover. They may look a bit confusing but once you know how to use them they are a super speedy way of making pom poms!


Yarns for the pom poms! Pictured here: Drops Karisma (left), Drops Alpaca Boucle (bottom right), Drops Air (top right)

Let’s get started! Cover your wire wreath with the strip(s) of polyester wadding by wrapping it around.


Once fully covered secure with a safety pin at the back (this will get covered up by yarn layer). If you prefer to sew it in place you can do instead.


Next, begin to wrap your yarn around the wire making sure to cover up the polyester layer beneath. I have used Drops Eskimo which is a chunky weight yarn which seems to work quite well. Note: the thicker your yarn the more surface area it will cover and the quicker you can cover your wreath. 


Using a darning needle, sew in your end to secure the yarn layer.


Next make your pom poms! Make as many as you like but for my wreath I have made 7 in total: 3 big ones, 4 smaller ones.


A useful tip: use small and sharp scissors to cut the pom pom


Now that you have all your yarny bits made, it’s time to attach the pom poms to the wreath!


I pinned my pom poms to the wreath first just to make sure I had them in the right place before taking the glue gun to them. Again you can sew your poms if you prefer.

When gluing make sure you press each pom pom onto the wreath for a little while until the glue has completely dried. If you’re making this with children, adult supervision is most definitely advised.


Now for the fun part! Once all your pom poms are attached and secured you have your blank canvas to play around with ideas! 


Here are a few of the ideas I was playing around with before settling on the final one.


I loved this idea a lot actually so think I shall have to make another wreath!


However this is the one I finally settled on. Doesn’t he just look so peachy in there?


Finally all that’s left to do is attach the bits and bobs! I used the glue gun to attach the wooden snowflake and figurines. I used gold thread to quickly sew on the stars. I advise pinning the stars on as you may need to pick up the wreath whilst sewing each one and you don’t want them to keep falling off.


And there you have it! Sit back and admire your masterpiece! Use a ribbon, a hook or pin to attach it wherever you like! 


How did you get on? I’d love to see your finished makes! Use the hashtag #yarnygrainnediy on instagram so I can see all your wonderful Kitschmas wreaths! 

I wish you all a very yarny little Christmas! x


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